August Events

August 28 – Adult Picnic

September Events

Tailgates – Check at lodge for dates.

October Events

Tailgates  – Check at lodge for dates.

November Events

Holiday Craft Bazaar More info coming soon.
Veterans Appreciation Celebration

Don’t forget Tuesday and Thursday special drawings each week at 7:30.

December Events

December 3 – Wine and Beer Tasting


To Our Fellow Elk Members

Special Thanks to volunteers on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please continue to sign-up and help!

On a positive note, we continue to provide various functions in the lodge for members and also community activities.  We will be looking at having monthly or bi-monthly dinners instead of weekly.

A few functions that have been held or that are upcoming are:

  • Member picnic at Moose Acres
  • Calendar Raffle (August)
  • Veterans (from VA center) Outing to Hagerstown Suns Game (August)
  • Tailgate functions during WVU games
  • Veterans (from VA center) Spaghetti Dinner and Apollo Theater (Sept)
  • Soccer Shoot Out (Oct)
  • Adult Halloween Function & Tailgate (Nov)
  • 2nd Annual Veteran’s Appreciation Day (Nov)
  • Memorial Service for our deceased brothers & sisters (Dec)
  • Basketball Hoop Shoot (Dec)
  • Children’s Christmas Party (Dec)
  • Adopt Families at Christmas
  • Adults Christmas Party (Dec)
  • Various charitable donations
  • Sports & Scholastic Recognition Breakfast (Spring)
  • Law & Safety Recognition (Spring)
  • Cash Bonanza (April)
  • Scholarships for local high school seniors

Regarding Membership: We appreciate and thank our due paying members for the time and money they spend at the lodge, but we need all members to try to attend a function or come in on occasion.  We are open to suggestions on what we can do to increase participation.  Come in – come to lodge meetings – do you belong to another group that could use a place to hold meetings?  We are currently looking for opportunities to rent the lodge hall for special events.

Regarding Delinquent Members:  If you are one of the delinquent members or know of a delinquent member, please be encouraged to pay your dues.  If dues are not paid by 3/31/2016 you will be dropped from the lodge for non-payment of dues.  If this happens you are not considered an “Elk in Good Standing” which would affect if you would ever want to re-join or if you would want to transfer your membership to another lodge.  A delinquent list is posted in the lodge.

Again, thanks to all who support the lodge and volunteer their time either being on a committee or attending our functions.  Please come out and support our lodge – bring a friend!


Also we are keeping functions and noticed updated on the Elks website. Go to – join as a member – or go to lodge locator – enter zip code 25401 – click on our lodge – and check out the website and calendar for functions.

House Committee

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